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Thank-you to everyone who supported our 2020 Colombia Missions trip and for all those who prayed for our safe arrival back to Canada amid the pandemic. We are sad that our trip got cut short but are so grateful for the few days we did get to spend in Colombia. With the travel advisory that came down on Friday, March 13th, we were just hours away from not being able to go at all. So thank-you God, for gifting us with five days of meaningful ministry - clearly You wanted us there and we have no regrets. We truly feel that the ministry was fruitful and life changing for all involved - Colombians, team members, and parents.

 This video highlights the youth retreat, trip to the orphanage, and some funny moments along the way.


We are excited to announce that we will be returning to Medellin, Colombia in March of 2020 for a short-term mission trip. We will be building on the relationships and ministries that we began last year with the hope of further enhancing the ministry  of the El Redil Estadio church. We will work closely with Diego Cardona and his team to:

  • Provide a weekend youth retreat
  • Bring aid and support to Fundacion Cultivando Sonrisas girls orphanage
  • Provide a VBS outreach program to Venezuelan refugee families
  • Teach Sunday School, lead small groups, and run 2 evangelistic events for the youth and young adults of El Redil
  • Provide Youth Ministry leadership training 
  • Be witnesses while staying with host families and much more...

Meet the team:

From left to right back row: Marissa Desjardine, Pamela Little, Kelsey Hayter, Trina Hayter, Lauren Rankin, Kaitlyn Mathers, Todd Hayter, Caleb Walker, Jared Boersma, Kayla Pettapiece, Sarah Little, Nathan Bjelis, Pastor Aaron.

From left to right front row: Megan Walker, Morgan Ramer, Amy Scott, Kayla Werkema 

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Partner With Us

In order for this mission to happen and bear fruit, we need you. Will you partner with us? We ask that you would partner with us in prayer. Pray that our efforts in serving the Colombians would be effective and God honouring. Pray that our spiritual growth would be rich and life changing.

We are pleased to report that our trip is now fully funded!mThank-you for supporting this mission and helping us reach our financial goal almost 2 months prior to departure.

Please continue in prayer as we finalize our training and preparation.

Mission Trip photos   Mission Trip photos

Our Vision


Why go on a missions trip?

This missions trip is ONE part of our overall plan in youth ministry to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ. Students who participate in this experience will get months of biblical training, followed by a cross-cultural trip where they will serve and learn.  This trip will compliment Teen Day Camp, giving teens and young adults an opportunity to serve Christ locally and globally.

What are our priorities for a short-term missions trip?

1) A sustainable ministry - we want to help not hurt.
2) A genuine partnership - we want to help established local churches.
3) A long-term relationship - we want to help for multiple years.

Why are we going to Colombia?

Diego Cardona, Fellowship missionary to Colombia for 20+ years, and current lead pastor of Redil Estadio in Medellin, has asked us to bring a team again in 2020 to assist and enhance their various church ministries. Great work was accomplished through our partnership last year, and we want to build on the relationships and ministries we began.

 Mission Trip photos  Mission Trip photos

Meet Diego and Claudia Cardona
Our partnering missionaries in Colombia


Diego and Claudia are Fellowship International missionaries whom we will be partnering with in Colombia. Diego leads the National Association of churches in Medellin in the area of church planting and missions, he teaches expository preaching through a Colombian Seminary, and is pastoring at El Redil Estadio, the church we will be serving.

Check out his full bio here: The Cardonas