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Our Youth Ministry plan for the fall is now in place.  Our aim is to meet in person as much as we can while following the same health protocols as the schools. We are limited in what we can offer as far as onsite programming but will do our best to keep the teens engaged and growing spiritually in a safe environment. Some ministry will be online, some onsite, and some in small groups. Be prepared to be flexible this year as many things can change along the way.

Since Jr. High and Sr. High will be operating differently this year so we have created a webpage specific to each ministry with details, dates, and protocols. Check them out.

On this page you will find a stock pile of our favourite resources to help you and your teen continue to grow in Christ-likeness during this unprecedented time.


Registration for the 2020/21 Youth Ministry year is now open and is exclusively online.

There are 2 types of registration:

  1. Pre-Registration (available now)
  2. Weekly Registration (starting last week of September)


By pre-registering you are indicating that your child wants to participate in youth activities at some point this year, even if it's not right away. This form allows you to give consent and pay the registration fee (Sr. High only) and gives us an idea of who will be attending throughout the year. If you are registering siblings you will need to fill out a separate form for each. This form need only be filled out once and covers your child for all Youth Ministry activities for the year. There is a separate form for Jr. High and Sr. High.

The $20 registration fee for Sr. High gets your teen a custom youth ministry tubular bandana and a daily devotion book called "100 Days: The Glory Experiment." There is no registration fee for Jr. High, but each pre-teen registered will also receive a custom tubular bandana.


Weekly registration

Once pre-registered, a different WEEKLY registration form for onsite youth group will become available. This form will indicate weekly attendance and pre-screen youth for COVID-19 symptoms. An email will be sent out letting you know when weekly registration opens. Be sure to register your child right away as space is limited due to current restrictions.

onsite youth group registration

Bible reading plan

With all the extra time our teens now have on their hands, what better time than now to commit to daily Bible reading. Without a plan, however, it's hard to stay disciplined. Below is our favourite Bible reading plan called "Read Scripture" from the guys at The Bible Project. It's a plan that includes engaging contextual videos that help students understand how to read the Bible and then live it out.

Where do I start?

  1. Watch the intro video below
  2. Download the "Read Scripture" app
  3. Start reading and track your progress
  4. Share with your friends what you're learning 


Parent resources

Mom, Dad, legal guardian - you are the primary spiritual leader in the life of your teen. And it's so important, especially in times of crisis, that you lead well. Your kids need to see and imitate your faith. This is a great responsibility and privilege, but it can be a daunting task. We're here to help. We've made a list of our favourite resources - the materials we use here at Emmanuel to disciple our youth. Use them, share them and be assured of our prayers backing you up as you disciple your children.  

  >> Truth:78

This site has tons of rich Bible studies to download. This is where we got our current Jr. High curriculum from - The Providence of God.

   >> Axis

This site is awesome for helping you navigate teen culture through a biblical lens and engage your kids with meaning conversation. We use some of their materials in our youth leader training sessions.

   >> The Bible Project

This site has amazing free videos to help students understand the Bible. We show these videos regularly at Youth Group. 

   >> Right Now Media

This is kinda like Christian Netflix, but with video Bible studies instead endlessly lame TV shows. There is a youth section and we have used some of these studies in Youth Group.

   >> Prepared to Answer

Our church's own Scott Stein has an excellent apologetics website providing answers to our tough questions and helping us all to think like Jesus.

   >> Centre for Parent/Youth Understanding

Just an all around good resource site for all things youth ministry.


Our Mission

Our Youth Ministry exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to the glory of God the Father. As defined by Jesus Himself, a disciple is one who (1) knows and follows Jesus, (2) is being changed by Jesus, and (3) is committed to the mission of Jesus (Matthew 4:19). Our goal is to begin this process with students, or pick them up wherever they are on their faith-journey, and push them forward in spiritual growth. 

teen day camp

Teen Day Camp is a 4, full-day, camp for Jr high students entering grade 6-8. It runs on the last week of July every year. It is a unique camp experience that also provides leadership development for our high school students.

Save the date for TDC 2020: July 27-30 |  Registration has been postponed at this time

youth missions trips

Short-term missions trips give students months of biblical training followed by a cross-cultural experience of serving Christ globally. Everything they learn then gets applied to living on mission for Christ daily; right here, right now, locally.

Check out the review video from our trip to Colombia March 13-18

Follow us on Instagram "colombiamt2020"

Scholarship fund

Here at Emmanuel we have created a Scholarship Fund to provide financial assistance and encouragement to post-secondary students; 1) who are desiring formal training to serve God in a vocational capacity, or 2) have displayed a giftedness to serve others and may consider a vocational capacity or, 3) who desire to be better equipped to serve God in our society in an informal way through secular vocation.

You can find full details of the policies, procedures, and guidelines for the scholarship fund in our church office, along with an application form. If you would like to talk to a staff member about this fund, please contact Pastor Aaron.

Our Team

We have an amazing team of adult leaders (and student leaders in our Jr. High program) who care for and disciple our youth, led by Pastor Aaron Johnson.

If you have any questions about our Youth Ministry or are looking to get connected, please contact us for more information. Its our joy to serve you and your family.

p. 519-235-2661    e.