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Kids Day Camp

Power up Day Camp

Kids will be challenged to raise their game of life
by Knowing God and trusting Jesus!


Thank you Campers for making our summer of 2019 a great year!

Check back for 2020 Day Camp information!

Remember if you enjoyed our Day Camp program, we would love to have you join us for Kids Club throughout the school year.   

For more information about Kids Club follow this link!



What do we do at camp?
We start the day with a super fun opening session of high energy songs, games and information for the day. After that, the campers spend the morning in various activities including games, snacks, crafts or electives, and learning a bible story! In the afternoon we  go on an outing to different events including swimming, bowling, adventure farms and many more places! Campers need to bring a nut free lunch each day as well as snacks.