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Kids Day Camp

Power up Day Camp

Kids will be challenged to raise their game of life
by Knowing God and trusting Jesus!


Coming soon, camp schedules!
Also, you will receive an email the week before camp with important information!

Week #1: July 8-12 Camp is Full

Week #2: July 22-26  Camp is full


What do we do at camp?
We start the day with a super fun opening session of high energy songs, games and information for the day. After that, the campers spend the morning in various activities including games, snacks, crafts or electives, and learning a bible story! In the afternoon we  go on an outing to different events including swimming, bowling, adventure farms and many more places! Campers need to bring a nut free lunch each day as well as snacks.

McDonald's Choices available when you register for camp:
Entree: Hamburger/Cheeseburger/McNuggets or Snack Wrap
Side: French Fries or Apple Slices
Drink: Chocolate Milk, White Milk, Apple Juice or Ice Tea

Elective Choices 
Children will have an opportunity to participate in 2 of the electives below during the week and learn a fun skill! We will do our best to assign each camper into one of their top 2 choices.

Campers will have the opportunity to learn some basic golfing skills at the Exeter Golf Club. No experience necessary, no equipment needed. Campers will be transported to the golf course by personal vehicle during the elective time.

Kids in the Kitchen
Young food lovers can get their bake on! Learn the basics of successful baking/cooking and walk away with some delicious homemade treats. Get ready to mix, measure and have fun!

Catapult Craze
Campers will have the opportunity to build their very own marshmallow catapult using their construction skills and creativity. Once complete they will enjoy some sweet action as they challenge one another in some healthy competition. 

Macrame Wall Art
God made us all special and unique with different minds and personalities. In this elective you will have the opportunity to get creative, just as God did with you! You will design a unique wall tapestry with your choice of yarn colours and other media such as feathers, beads and pom poms. Join us for this fun experience making something that’s uniquely your own!

Campers will not only be taught basic karate techniques such as punches, kicks, blocks and simple self- defenses, they will also be taught non- physical options through “Bully Buster” and “Street Smart” sessions. Loose fitting clothes are recommended for this elective.


Feel free to contact Lori Bjelis with any questions!