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Kids Club

At this point we will not be meeting on-site, but we would love to connect with your child on zoom! Join in Wednesday Evenings on zoom, 6:30 pm-7:15 pm alternating weeks!  (see the dates below)

Join in for virtual Games, crazy challenges and encouraging devotions! 
Kids Club is for children grades 1-5.

 Kids Club Just in time

In this Series, kids will learn from the life of Joseph and see what God requires of us as we walk with Him every day!

Upcoming Zoom Dates:

Jan. 13/ Joseph in a pit
Things you need for this zoom:
*Your bible.  *Your running legs for a scavenger hunt!
*While on zoom, please have a parent available  for assistance! 

Jan. 27/ Joseph works for Potiphar
Feb. 10/ Joseph refused to do wrong
Feb. 24/ Joseph explains dreams 

Activity pages for this series:

Memory Verse Word Search

Memory Verse Maze

 Memory Verse Coloring Sheet


NEW for this series!
You  may have to miss a week of zoom, or not be able to join us on zoom. No worries - Once Zoom is done, check back here for a fun video  that covers the same bible story and content that we covered on zoom so you can stay up to date!


Book of the Bible Video

 If you are not on our Kids Club email list, contact so you can receive the link and info!


About our on-site program (on-hold)
Kids Club is our mid-week community bible program for children grades 1-5. Our program  runs Wednesday evenings September through to April. Our program begins at 6:30pm and ends at 8:00pm. While at Kids Club, we are teaching children how to meet their best friend - Jesus! During the evening the children participate in an age appropriate class where they learn a bible story and how to apply this story in every day life. The children also participate in games, crafts, singing and snacks! We have special dress up nights, theme nights and craft nights! We have a great team of leaders who make Kids Club a safe and fun place to be!

A few things to remember
Kids Club starts at 6:30pm and ends at 8:00pm. (Please no drop off before 6:20pm) Please send your child in proper footwear for gym time, no bare feet please. Your child may bring his/her own bible, please ensure their name is clearly written inside! For safety reasons, please come into the church at the end of the program to pick up your child.