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Check out this 1 Minute Daily Podcast Explaining Terms, Concepts, and Ideas that today's youth are facing. This podcast will help you understand the pressures our students face and can help us know how to engage with them. Click the image to go to the podcast.

Youth Culture Today



Youth Culture Matters

Here's another podcast from the Centre for Parent/Youth Understanding. Here Walt Mueller takes a longer look at specific issues and challenges within youth culture. Click the image and give it a listen



John Piper is a well known pastor who wholeheartedly believes in God's Word and its priority in our lives. He engages thousands of questions and brings the word too bear on them. Questions we all face. This podcast can help you think through your own faith and struggles, your students faith and struggles and how we walk alongside one another. Click the image and explore the wide library of answered questions.

Ask Pastor John2



 Click the image below for book recommendations on a wide variety of topics

Recommended Reading




 Check out the wide variety of resources available on TGC

TGC is a worldwide ministry devoted to producing gospel-centred resources. They have an extensive library of articles, sermons, podcasts and courses available on their website.

The Gospel Coalition



Here's a podcast for Women on life and theology. Learn and enjoy listening to three women serving in various ministries across the globe.

Priscilla Talk

Check out Prepared to Answer's wealth of questions and answers that tackle many common challenges for Christians! 


Truth Snack tackles faith, doubt, and everything in between to help Christians have a confident Faith! 

Truth Snack


Rooted Youth Ministry has a vast library of resources for parents and youth leaders alike! They dive into culturally relevant and deeply personal struggles that we all face. Be sure to check out their ministry by clicking the image below! 


Rooted Youth Ministry


“Into the Light” is a brilliant documentary and free for everyone! It aims to help fight the evil and harm of pornography. Parents, this is extremely important information for us to know so that we can help our youth fight these battles and experience joy in obedience!