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Jr. High

Jr. High meets here at the church on Tuesday nights from 7:00 - 8:15 pm and is for pre-teens in grade 6,7,8.


Registration for the 2020/21 Youth Ministry year is now open and is exclusively online.

There are 2 types of registration:

  1. Pre-Registration (available now)
  2. Weekly Registration (starting last week of September)


By pre-registering you are indicating that your child wants to participate in youth activities at some point this year, even if it's not right away. This form allows you to give consent and gives us an idea of who will be attending throughout the year. If you are registering siblings you will need to fill out a separate form for each. This form need only be filled out once and covers your child for all Youth Ministry activities for the year. There is a separate form for Jr. High and Sr. High.


Weekly registration

Once pre-registered, a different WEEKLY registration form for onsite youth group will become available. This form will indicate weekly attendance and pre-screen youth for COVID-19 symptoms. An email will be sent out letting you know when weekly registration opens. Be sure to register your child right away as space is limited due to current restrictions.

onsite youth group registration

Onsite Youth Group

We will begin onsite youth group beginning Oct. 6th and running each Tuesday night until Dec. 8th. This service will be a 1-hour, high energy time of fun and Bible Study [think Teen Day Camp Session mixed with a late night TV show]. Parents will have to pre-register their teen each week (same as our Sunday morning services) and only a limited number of spaces will be available due to space and volunteer restrictions. Teens will be required to wear a mask, and will remain in their seat (2 m apart) during the whole service unless they need to use the washroom. Parents will need to be prompt in dropping off, and especially picking up at the designated times. Program starts at 7 pm, drop off at 6:50 pm. Pick up promptly at 8:10 pm.

We will be following all the same health and safety protocols you see in place on a Sunday morning and will do our best to provide a safe and spiritually enriching environment.

Our onsite Bible Series will focus on teaching our youth who God really is; His person, character, and mission as revealed in the Scriptures. We'll unpack key theological truths, why those truths are important, and discover how to engage our community and culture in light of them.

Things to Consider

  • We've put a lot of thought and prayer into our plan. We recognize that it's not ideal, nor perfect, but the best we can offer given the circumstances. We are trusting God that he will use our efforts to bring about mighty spiritual growth this year.
  • This plan is fluid. Things could easily change for better or for worse in our province over the next couple months. We will start with this plan, but don't be surprised if we have to make adjustments along the way.
  • As of right now, regrettably, we are not planning any extra special events.  We hope to in the future if more restrictions are lifted.
  • At this time there will also be no small groups during onsite youth group. 

Upcoming Events

All Jr. High youth events have been postponed at this time until further restrictions are lifted. 

Sunday School

Sunday School is now available for youth during our 9 am and 11 am Sunday morning services. Continue to pre-register them for church as you have been doing. Teens will be in the sanctuary for the first part of the service until they are dismissed to their class. Currently we are meeting in Portable #2.

new testament letters

We have been travelling through the entire story of redemption, from Genesis to Revelation, over the past 3 years. We just finished the book of Acts and are now moving into the various NT Letters written to God's people.