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UPDATE: May 11th, 2020


It is with heavy hearts that we regret to tell you that we have decided to cancel Teen Day Camp for 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We delayed as long as we could in making this decision in hopes that circumstances would change and that we would be able to provide a safe and impactful camp experience. But with the current restrictions in place and the uncertainly of large group gatherings in the future, we are unable to properly prepare for, train and resource our camp in the way we need. Nor do we feel that we can offer a "limited" Teen Day Camp without compromising our vision for relational ministry. We are sorry it had to come to this as we know how big of an impact TDC can be on the spiritual growth of our pre-teens and volunteer leaders.

BUT... this in no way means that youth ministry will cease at Emmanuel.

We will continue to offer youth ministry online throughout the summer months. Please visit our main youth page to see how you can get involved.

AND... if restrictions are lessened and we are able to physically gather together over the summer months, our team is prepared to offer impactful youth ministry programs, it will just be something different from Teen Day Camp.

Please pray for us as we work on alternative programming and pray that God will allow TDC to return for the summer of 2021 bigger and better than ever!


What is TDC?

Teen Day Camp is an all-day summer camp experience exclusively for Jr. High students entering grade 6-8. It's high-energy, relation and gospel-focused.

At camp, you'll make new friends and hang out with awesome camp leaders. You'll play crazy games, go on afternoon adventures, win prizes (hopefully), and cap the week off with a trip to Canada's Wonderland.

But most importantly...

You'll meet Jesus! The most amazing person in the world. And you'll learn about him from God's Word, the Bible. Our prayer is that each student who attends TDC will come to know God and His amazing love, which will result in a life forever changed.

TDC is for students ENTERING grade 6,7,8


TDC 2020: Cancelled due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Monday - Wednesday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (drop off around 8:45 am)

Thursday: 8:30 am - 10:30 pm (approx. 3 hr. drive to and from Wonderland)



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