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Never Alone

“At my defence no one stood with me, all forsook me, may it not be charged against them.”  2 Timothy 4:16

Have you ever gone through something like that? You had to take a stand against something and no one supported you. You were all alone, by yourself totally left alone. If so you can identify with Paul as he echoed these words in 2 Timothy. You can sense his heaviness.

Often we hear from our children that all the other kids are allowed to do something and you are the only one who says , “No you cannot do this or that” Suddenly you are unpopular and even parents call you to say that you are being legalistic. What do you do.?

Remember, that the Spirit of God leads you in the way that you should go. Godly decisions require much courage. Yes Paul was all alone, there was no other humans standing with him. Jesus however was standing right beside him and He was with him.

You are never alone. God displays His power and wisdom during life’s trials. As He told Joshua, He says to us as well, “ Be courageous and do not fear. The Lord your God is with you and He will give you strength, wisdom and victory. Joshua 1:9 Dare to stand alone because Jesus is standing with you.