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The Gospel and Culture

Scott Stein

Are you feeling the tension that exists between Christian faith and our contemporary culture today? Whether in our homes, schools, workplaces, or even friendships, we all face constant pressure to conform to the now unquestionable social doctrines of diversity, inclusivity, and equity. (D.I.E) So, how do we persevere in our faith in our world today?

“The Contemporary Culture and the Gospel” series is a five-week seminar designed to help you persevere in our world today in two ways.

First, by learning to identify the false beliefs of our culture will give you greater compassion for unbelievers in your life by better understanding the nature of the deceptions that keep them captive to sin and Satan.

Second, by learning the biblical truths that give us a true understanding of the world, you can better expose, examine, and subject the false beliefs that hold people captive to the light of God’s truth. This will help you to guard your own heart from error, and better help those God calls you to witness to.

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