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Made New

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold new things have come." 2 Corinthians 5:17. NASB.

Have you ever watched when someone new comes to Christ? It is so exciting to see the changes in that person. I remember a couple who gave their hearts to the Lord in Ecuador when we served there. The couple worked at our guesthouse. They were hard working and reliable with a great work ethic. Everyone loved them but they were having some troubles in their marriage. The young man went on a retreat with our Mission at our campground in Shell about 6 hours from Quito. During the retreat the husband gave his life to Christ. When he returned I noticed a huge change in him. He was happy and he engaged his wife into all sorts of conversations. Soon they were holding hands and just loving each other like they never had before. The Lord had done a marvellous work in this young husbands life. He became a leader of a small Quichua church which later grew into a large church. Only the Lord can change a person’s heart and make him new in Christ. What a great God we serve.

As a result of being a new creation the world’s standard of judgement no longer applies. The key phrase “In Christ “ is a favourite of Paul’s. This passage does not mean that in the moment of regeneration a person’s lusts, temptations, and carnal thoughts dissolve. In Christ the Old has gone, in us the struggles rage on. With the Spirit’s help the Christian’s practice will align more with his or her position day by day, until the Son returns and makes everyone whole.

🙏 Father God thank you that we can be new in Christ. Yes, we might still struggle with sin but as we rely on the Spirits leading we will align more with Christ every day until He returns and makes us whole. In His name I pray.