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The Faithfulness of God

“And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from His glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.”
Philippians 4:19. NLT

As sojourner here on earth, we would like to think that we are not attached to “things “ or dependant on such secular and earthly things as money or finances. But even when God called us to missionary service with Avant in Ecuador, it was obvious that dollars were part of the equation. We could not leave for Ecuador until we had our monthly support promised and coming in. After raising up partners and prayer support we left for Ecuador. Over the six years, and fifteen more here as a mobilizer for Avant in Ontario, we have seen God provide for our needs over and over again. Some years it seemed as if we would go into a deficit but each year we would end in the black. Sometimes by as little as 50 dollars but always in the black. God has always supplied and His glorious riches kept us going. When we needed a vehicle for ministry God supplied. When we needed a computer, God supplied. When we needed to come home for special occasions for our adult children, God supplied. When we needed medical payments for Alicia, God supplied. When we needed a house, God supplied. When we needed vehicles God supplied. He supplied all of our needs and so much more. Over and over again, even when friends told us that we can go to the well only so many times, He supplied. We have witnessed God working as friends, supporters, groups, and churches would respond to the needs. Our lives are evidence of God’s grace and faithful provision. I know that we are nothing special so God can and will do this for you too as you serve Him to the best of your ability. He is faithful. We have seen it. Now as we are entering into our retirement years, I know that God will continue to supply all of our needs on a daily basis. The Faithful One who called us to salvation, to service, and to be salt and light, has never failed us.

In the verse above, God promises to supply for the Philippians' needs. His supply is personal - "my God." It is positive - "shall supply." It is pointed - "all your needs." It is plentiful - "according to His riches in glory." And it is powerful - "in Christ Jesus." This is how God meets people’s needs today as well.

🙏. Father God, You are so powerful and so loving and so faithful. You promise to meet all of our needs through Christ Jesus according to His riches in glory. Father I have experienced Your faithfulness in our lives over these past twenty plus years and I marvel at Your goodness towards us. You alone are worthy and I want to say thank you and acknowledge that it all came from You and You alone. In Jesus name I pray.