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More updates coming soon for our Summer Sunday School plans! 
For now, join us for church on the lawn with your family!                         



Sunday School On-Site Update!  ON-HOLD

We are excited to meet with your children again on Sunday mornings!  We are doing our best to follow the guidelines we have been given and provide a fun and engaging time with the children! It is our desire to help your child learn about Jesus in an age appropriate learning environment. Please be prepared to be flexible as things may change along the way!

Although not all of our programs are running or you may choose to not return yet, we still ask you to fill out a form if your child plans to attend throughout the year. This enables us to include you in our email updates as well as update our records!

There are 2 types of Registration:
1. Pre-Registration – Please only fill out this form ONCE!

*NOTE: You will need to fill out a separate form for each child (attendee)!

  1. Weekly Registration and Pre-Screening.
    This happens through the regular weekly church registration. As you add the registrants, you will have the opportunity to check the box for the appropriate Toddler or Sunday school programs that are offered according to the service you are attending.

If your child chooses to remain in the service with you there will be some generic colouring bags available upon request.
If you choose to do Sunday School at home, we will continue to add the resources on our website!

Age specific Information:
We will do our best to encourage distance between children and workers, but at times this contact may be unavoidable. We encourage all toddlers and children in our programs to wear masks.

Infant Care (Newborn/infants and children still requiring help to walk)
*The infant room of the Nursery will be open to parent’s for diaper changes and nursing Moms, but will not be staffed with volunteers until further notice.
*Please self-check in that you have used the room with the form provided on the counter in the infant room.
*We will sanitize the room between the 9am and 11am service.
*There is a speaker in the room so you can still listen to the service.
Note: There is only room for 2 parents and 2 infants in the room at one time.

 Toddler Care (Walking confidently to Pre-school ) 
*Currently we are planning to offer Toddler care during our 9am service only. The room will be open for self-use during the 11am service. 
*Please self-check in at the Nursery registration desk and labelled diaper bags may be put on the white shelf unit.
*Please send a labelled sippy cup/water bottle with your toddler. Please do not send snacks into the room.
*We appreciate you picking up your toddler immediately after service as we need time to sanitize between services. *Only one designated parent/guardian may drop off and pick up in order to limit the number of people in the area.
*Number of toddlers in the room will be limited. We appreciate if parents/guardians do not enter the care room.

Elementary Classes (Grades Jk-5)
*Currently we are planning to offer 2 classes during the 9am service, Younger and Older.
We will offer one class of combined ages during the second service.
*Your child will sit with you in the main service until dismissal instructions are given.
* All personal belongings must stay with the parent.
*We encourage you to have your child’s bathroom needs looked after before they arrive for Sunday school.
* We will provide each child with their own bucket of supplies that they may need for class (Ex. Crayons, glue sticks etc..)
*Classrooms will be sanitized between the 9am and 11am service


Our Sunday School program runs during our Sunday morning service.  We recognize the current global situation with the virus has changed how we can operate our programs. We will be offering smaller class sizes during our services, with precautions in place. 

While in Sunday School, the children learn more about God's plan for their life through play,  bible stories, life application, crafts, memory work and interaction with each other. We have a dedicated team of volunteers who are committed to teaching our children how to live a fuller life in Christ in a loving, safe environment. All children are welcome to join us in Sunday school while their parents participate in the Sunday morning service! Children sit with their parents for the first portion of the service and will be dismissed before the sermon. 

Grades Jk-5 will be doing the same bible story at different levels, this will help your family throughout the week be able to discuss the same story with all of your children. We use the Gospel Project Curriculum for our Sunday Morning Sunday School programs.