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We are excited to be meeting back indoors again! 
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It is our desire to help your child learn about Jesus in an age appropriate learning environment!

Our Sunday School program runs during our Sunday morning service.  Your Grade Jk-5 children will be split between 3 classrooms according to their grade level.  Our service will run from 10am - 11am.  Your child will be registered as you enter the church and go directly to their class for the hour!

Our Classes this Year!

Explorers: Jk/Sk/1 Exploring God’s word and his Truth through play and hands on activities. (Portable #1)
Learners: Gr. 2/3 Learning to read and explore God’s word and how it applies to our life!  (Youth Rm)
Growers: Gr. 3-5 Growing deeper in our faith and relationship with Christ as we apply God’s Word! (Portable #2)

While in Sunday School, the children learn more about God's plan for their life through play,  bible stories, life application, crafts, memory work and interaction with each other. We have a dedicated team of volunteers who are committed to teaching our children how to live a fuller life in Christ in a loving, safe environment. All children are welcome to join us in Sunday school while their parents participate in the Sunday morning service!  

Grades Jk-5 will be doing the same bible story at different levels, this will help your family throughout the week be able to discuss the same story with all of your children. We use the Explore the Bible curriculum for our Sunday Morning Sunday School programs.

Please remember we need to make changes throughout the year in order to try and keep our class sizes manageable!