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Covid - 19 updates

O. Reg. 520/21
Updated July 9 2021
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O. Reg. 488/21
Updated June 30 2021
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O. Reg. 82/20
Updated April 8, 2021
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O. Reg. 364/20 Updated Feb. 16, 21
*O. Reg. 364/20
Updated Feb. 16, 2021
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O. Reg. 11/21 Stay at home order*
Provincial orders to stay home
*Updated Jan. 20, 2021
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Ministry of Health Guide to Religious Services*
Advice - Religious Services
*updated August 21 2020
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O. Reg. 364/20*
Rules for areas in Stage 3 of Covid-19
*updated September 28 2020
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Indoor gatherings, events, programs, rentals
EBC will be providing a policy on our programming/events/rentals based on government regulations and guidelines provided. We will be posting this document shortly. In the meantime, please follow this Toronto municipal document.
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Weddings and Funerals Guide during Covid-19
The province and the local health unit have asked municipalities to use the Toronto region guidelines as the source for all weddings/funerals etc. in Ontario at this time.
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Wearing a mask indoors at EBC
We are following the Huron Perth Public Health Unit documentation for wearing masks for services in our church and in our offices.
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Cleaning and Disinfection at EBC
We are following the Ministry of Health documentation on safe cleaning practices for our church and offices.
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Child Protect Policy
EBC follows a carefully devised plan to provide the highest degree of protection for the most vulnerable; our children and youth.
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Zoom Guidelines
We are following a Safe Zoom Policy for all of our children and youth online events and meetings.
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Letter to the Premier
Letter to the Premier
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