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This fall we are taking a new approach to small Groups! Due to the limitations imposed by safety protocols surrounding COVID 19, we have been challenged to re-think how to gather in small numbers to learn and grow through discussion.

     We are asking our church congregation to form “Bubble Groups”. Bubble groups consist of 2-3 couples or 6 people in existing social “bubbles” to come together at their own initiative. They would meet in homes regularly for “Bubble discussion” about the sermon, using prepared discussion questions provided at the end of the service or online.

     We strongly believe in the potential of these meetings to foster community, as well as provide an opportunity to encourage one another in these difficult days. We are encouraged by scripture to “…not neglect to meet together…. but to encourage one another…”(Hebrews 10:25)  The most important reason to continue to make the effort to gather in smaller bubbles is because this is a powerful means of spiritual growth as we learn God’s Word together. Truth is, we are not only encouraged in community, but we learn in community.

     We are encouraging everyone at Emmanuel to consider inviting people in your social bubble to come together to study the book of Ecclesiastes or other recommended material from our resource library in order to make sure we don’t give in to isolation or spiritual drift and indifference.

     These are trying times. Let’s not keep trying to go it alone. Let’s gather in “Bubbles” that foster spiritual health, encouragement and growth!

Emmanuel Small Groups Director,

Josh McBurney