Youth Ministries


    "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men."
    Matthew 4:19


    Our Youth Ministry exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit, to the glory of God the Father.

    A disciple, as defined by Jesus in Matthew 4:19, is one who
    (1) knows and follows Jesus,
    (2) is being changed by Jesus, and
    (3) is committed to the mission of Jesus.

    The goal of every Christian is Christ-like maturity evidenced by a life that is bearing fruit in others.
    Our goal in youth ministry is to begin this process with students, or pick them up wherever they are in their
    faith-journey, and push them forward in spiritual growth.

    We want to WIN teenagers to Christ,
    we want to BUILD teenagers in Christ,
    and we want to SEND teenagers for Christ.

    Join our mission. You belong here.

    Youth Group

    Youth Group is our weekly program where teens gather to learn about Jesus Christ from the Bible.  It's a place to make friends and be a part of a community. It's a safe place to ask questions, grow and serve. It's also a place to have a lot of fun.

    No cost or pre-registration necessary, just show up and get involved.

    High School Youth Group - for students grade 9-12
     Meets Sunday nights, 6:30 - 8:30 pm
    Begins Sept. 9th and runs through till June

    Jr. High Youth Group - for students grade 6-8
     Meets Tuesday nights, 6:30-8:30 pm
    Begins Sept 11th and runs through till June

    Sunday Morning Bible Study

    11:00 am Sunday mornings. Teens are dismissed during the service. We do not have a youth class on the first Sunday of each month to allow students to sit under the preaching of their lead pastor and to participate in communion.

    For the past two years, we have been traveling through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. We currently find ourselves studying through the Exile and Return.

    Upcoming Events

    How Can You Know? Conference

    November 17
      For: High Schoolers
      Cost: $20

    This year's Keynote speaker is Logan Gates of RZIM Canada. He will be addressing two key topics of "How do I answer my friend's tough questions about God?" and "Why would a loving God judge me?" The cost of admission includes a lunch, snack, and book to take home.

    For more information, visit
    To pay for the conference with credit card or debit CLICK on the CART
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    [there is a small surcharge of 1.6% if paying with PayPal]

    Christmas Parties
    December 11 & 16
      Cost: $0

    Jr. High Christmas Party: Tuesday, Dec. 11th
      > 6:30 - 7:30 pm @ the church for food and games
      > 8:00 - 9:00 pm @ Stephen Arena for skating
      > Drop off at the church and pick up at the arena

    Sr. High Christmas Party: Sunday, Dec. 16th
      > 5:00 pm at Jackson Hayter's home for dinner and gift exchange
      > Pick up by 9:00 pm

    Bible Reading Plans

    We want every teenager to spend daily, quality time reading God's word; developing the skills of personal Bible study. To that end, we encourage you to use this year-long Bible reading plan which is supplemented with creative videos explaining the context of each book of the Bible. Download the READ SCRIPTURE app in the app store, or print out the reading plan right here. Follow the links below. You can also visit The Bible Project website for the latest topical videos or find the entire library on Youtube.



    I would love to hear from you

    Aaron Johnson
      Associate Pastor of Youth Ministries
      p. (519)-235-2661 ext. 2

    Resources For Parents:

    The Source For Parents
    Free resources for parents raising teens

    Focus On The Family
    Helping families thrive

    Creation Ministries International
    Answers to the most asked questions in the area of creation/evolution

    Christian apologetics and research ministry

    Fight The New Drug
    Get informed about the dangerous affects of pornography

    Prepared To Answer
    Helping parents and children to think Biblically

    Best videos on the web suitable for all ages

    Events Calendar 2018/19:
    • Sept 05: Youth Leaders Meeting
    • Sept 07: MT pre-trip information meeting
    • Sept 09: HS Youth Group kick-off
    • Sept 11: Jr High Youth Group kick-off
    • Sept 16: Hike to Rock Glen
    • Sept 23: All church Corn Roast
    • Sept 25: Parents Night BBQ
    • Oct 07: No HS youth  group
    • Oct 12-14: Anchor Youth Retreat
    • Oct 19 - 20: Jr High Over[K]nighter
    • Oct 23: No Jr High youth group
    • Oct 23: Colombia MT Meeting #1
    • Nov 09: Colombia MT Meeting #2
    • Nov 17: How Can You Know Conference
    • Nov TBA: JR Service Project -
    • Dec 08: Colombia MT Meeting #3
    • Dec 09: HS Christmas Party
    • Dec 11: Jr High Christmas Party
    • Dec 16, 23, 30: No HS youth group
    • Dec 18, 25, Jan 01: No Jr High youth group
    • Jan 05: Colombia MT Meeting #4
    • Jan 19: Colombia MT Meeting #5
    • Jan 27: HS Service Project - home visits
    • Feb 1-3: Jr High Snow Camp
    • Feb 03: No HS youth group
    • Feb 09: Colombia MT Meeting #6
    • Feb 17: Annual Youth Service
    • Feb 22-24: HS Snow Camp @ MW
    • March 01: Colombia MT Meeting #7
    • March 10: No HS Youth Group
    • March 12: No Jr Youth Group
    • March 20: Colombia MT Meeting #8
    • April TBD: Jr High Dodgeball Tournament
    • April TBD: High School Spring Event
    • April TBD: Youth Leaders Meeting
    • May 31: Year End Celebration